Yellowstone National Park

Fly Fishing Yellowstone National Park offers some of the most famous fly fishing waters in the country Montana Fly Fishing Guides, LLC. operates under a Commercial Use Authorization permit with Yellowstone National Park (CUA14-222) . Our Yellowstone Park fly fishing guides have detailed knowledge of the waters in Yellowstone National Park and have spent decades learning the waters.

Availability is limited during the prime season (July - September), so please contact us before booking this trip.

Slough Creek

It’s numerous meadows and large Cutthroat have made Slough Creek one of the more famous rivers in Yellowstone National Park.

Slough Creek (pronounced sloo) has wide open meadows mixed with fast canyon sections and consistent hatches with big trout. Drakes, PMDs and the famous Slough Creek Cricket are usually the topic of conversation while rigging up in the parking areas.

The Cutthroat Trout in Slough Creek are wily, picky and quite large. Careful attention to presentation and drift are a must. This creek fishes more like a spring creek than a free stone most days.

Anglers looking for more remote locations might consider a horse back ride into the famous 3rd Meadow of Slough Creek. Advanced reservation required.


Includes rod, reel, flies, lunches, and Park entrance fee

Soda Butte Creek

This small stream tributary situated in a magnificent valley is home to good numbers of eager Cutthroat.

Don’t let the small size of Soda Butte Creek fool you - there are some beastly trout in this water. Deep holes and tricky drifts will test your angling skills as wary Cutties carefully inspect your drifts. You'll spend your day fishing, but find yourself distracted by the towering mountains, free ranging bison, and the over all magnitude surrounding this amazing location.

Soda Butte Creek has good hatches of mayflies in the summer and fall along with great terrestrial fishing in late summer. Well drifted ants, hopper and beetles will bring perfectly camouflaged trout to the surface with methodical takes.


Includes rod, reel, flies, lunches, and Park entrance fee

Lamar River

Fly fishing the Lamar River is truly what anglers imagine when they envision fishing in Yellowstone Park.

The Lamar is located in the northeast corner of the Park and ranges from wide open meadows to tight fast flowing canyons. All of which hold plenty of trout, some quite large. Anglers willing to walk a bit farther are usually rewarded.

The famed Lamar Valley is home to free ranging bison, wolves, bear, elk and antelope - and a lot of cutthroat trout. With a classic riffle, run, pool structure the trout feed well during hatch activity. Hatches of mayflies can be prolific, bringing even the largest trout to the surface - especially if you catch the Fall Drakes.


Includes rod, reel, flies, lunches, and Park entrance fee

Other Waters

There’s more water in Yellowstone National Park than most anglers know - and we can show you a thing or two…

In addition to the more notable fly fishing rivers in Yellowstone National Park there are a number of others that we prefer to keep under the radar, but they are certainly worth the drive and hike. Let us know if you’d like to go exploring and we’ll make it worth your while. Our seasoned guide staff have found these locations through careful study and personal reconnaissance.

Anglers looking to get off the beaten path will find solitude, quality angling and unmatched scenery in our nation's first national park. You might even catch the largest cutthroat trout of your life! 


Includes rod, reel, flies, lunches, and Park entrance fee