If you’re looking for trophy lake fly fishing trips then you need to check out a couple of the private trophy waters in the Livingston area

They offer outstanding stillwater fly fishing for rainbows, browns and cutthroat trout. Fly fishing on these trophy lakes is more intense than most anglers realize. Stalking large trout and sight casting to gulpers can give even the most experienced angler the casting jitters.

These trophy lakes have prolific hatches of damselflies, Callibaetis mayflies, midges and terrestrials. These lakes are also the ideal starting point for both beginner anglers and those younger anglers looking to bend the rod for the first time.


  • Rod fees $100 to $120/person additional
  • Includes rods, reels, flies & catered lunches
  • Suitable for most ages 12 & over

Best Fishing Times

We have several private lakes that we offer on our guided trips. These lakes fish well from May through September and offer anglers chances at large trout between 2-6 pounds. Unless water temperatures rise above normal levels these lakes are a great option for beginners learning to fly fish as well as experienced anglers looking to sight fish to big trout.

The Fishing Experience

These Trophy Lakes are on private ranch property and require a rod fee in addition to the guide fee. They offer a remote, relaxed fishing experience with few to no other anglers. Most commonly guides help anglers spot rising trout and try to intercept them through keen sight fishing.

Trophy Lake Hatches

Lake hatches are typically quite different than our river hatches. Callabaetis and midge are the primary hatches on our lakes. Midges are common and can be quite large compared to river species. Callabaetis are a slow water mayfly species that can produce huge hatches and spinner falls. Trout feed aggressively on emergers and spinners and sight fishing can be spectacular during these prolonged emergences.