Fly Fishing Lessons


Our Montana fishing lessons and instruction-focused guided trips are excellent ways to learn proper casting, various mending techniques, and numerous fishing strategies all focused on improving your fly fishing skills. Many developing anglers are looking to improve their casting technique, improved distance, and better accuracy to name just a few.

On the Water Lessons

Want to see the water like a guide? These fully immersive lessons are focused on making you a better angler.

Casting is just the first step in the advanced angler's arsenal. Approaching water, reading it, seeing the trout, accurate casting and proper mending are the next steps to becoming an advanced angler. Take advantage of our instructional guided trips that take real world fishing scenarios with the focus on making you a better angler. These trips are best experienced with one guide and one angler. We do offer this trip for 2 anglers, but in our experience 1 angler / 1 guide is the most informative, effective and beneficial if you're really looking to boost your skills in the short term.