December 7, 2009
Developing your Guide Vision

Developing your “Guide Vision”

On our travels, we fish with other guides and we’ve noticed that all quality guides share at least one commonality.  It’s something we like to call “guide vision”.  Regardless of whether you fish saltwater for bonefish or freshwater for trout, seeing fish puts you at an advantage.  You might have […]
December 1, 2009
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November Spring Creek Report

Well it’s a couple days late, but we guided some great folks from the Bozeman area the day before Thanksgiving on DePuy’s spring creek – thanks to Sweetwater Fly Shop.  It was a beautiful sunny day and about 50 degrees.  The biggest bonus was very little wind, which is something special […]
November 30, 2009
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Favorite Montana Hatches

So it’s winter and we are busy blogging, tying flies, skiing, and dreaming about the best hatches of next fishing season.  We’ve listed a few of the Montana Fly Fishing Guides staff’s favorites.  Comment on your favorites. Eric Adams’s 3 Fav’s: Spring Baetis – Ski in the morning, fish dry […]
November 23, 2009
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Top 5 Bad Questions for Fishing Guides

Over the years we’ve been exposed to some unique individuals, which have spawned some equally unique questions.  We thought we’d give you a heads up so your not the butt of the joke at end of the day around the guide keg.  Remember this is FUN so read it in […]