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Peak Season
June – October:
Full Day starting at $650/guide
Half Day starting at $550/guide

Each guide can accommodate 1 or 2 anglers. We do not offer 3rd angler float trips as the drift boats and rafts are not designed for additional people.
Private water rod fees and special permit areas like Yellowstone National Park have additional charges that are not included in our daily guide rates.


Our guided trips include rods & reels (if needed), all flies, shuttles, riverside box lunches (full days), non alcoholic beverages and professional guide instruction/service.


Appropriate fishing license (Montana or Yellowstone National Park), waders (we can make rental arrangements), guide gratuities which are typically $150/guide/day. Any personal gear such as appropriate clothing, polarized sunglasses, and rain gear (everyday).


Prior to 30 days: a 25% deposit is required to secure a reservation.
Within 30 days: a 100% deposit is required to secure a reservation.
Balance is due within 45 days of the trip.


Prior to 30 days of arrival: the deposit is refundable less a $75 processing fee when accompanied by written (email) cancellation.

Within 30 days of arrival: The entirety of your balance will be retained by Montana Fly Fishing Guides, LLC. as a cancellation fee. This fee goes to cover the costs of our guides, as we are unlikely to rebook the trip on such short notice. If we are able to rebook your specific guide for your specific cancelled dates we will refund your money less a $75 processing fee. Because of our reliance on advanced bookings and operation in good faith, we make no exceptions to our cancellation policy. If you are at all concerned with a cancellation possibility, we encourage you to purchase trip insurance from IMG iTravelInsured.


We strongly recommend that you purchase trip insurance. Unexpected events do arise and travel insurance is very reasonable. Insurance on a $1,000 will cost between $30 -$45 depending on age. We are a licensed reseller of IMG iTravelInsured. When purchasing we recommend covering your entire trip – this will cover airline fees, lodging fees and guide fees. Please contact us for assistance if needed.


Spring – March through June
Guides Choice – Yellowstone River in April, Missouri River in May & June, Spring Creeks/Trophy Lakes in May & June.
Pros: Excellent fly fishing opportunities and fewer anglers throughout most of Montana.
Cons: Variable weather and water conditions possible. Montana, like most western states, experiences an annual spring run-off. This is where the mountain snows melt due to the warmer weather and most of the rivers in the Livingston, Bozeman and Yellowstone Park become flooded with snow melt and can be un-fishable. Popular rivers affected are the Yellowstone, most of its tributaries in Yellowstone Park, the Gallatin and the Madison River. The runoff is 100% tied to the weather so there’s no way to accurately predict when it will start or stop. This runoff typically occurs in early May and lasts through most of June. However, there are several options for fishing during that timeframe – see Guides Choice above.

Summer – July through mid September
Guides Choice – Yellowstone River almost any day, Spring Creeks in July/September, Yellowstone National Park waters in September.
Pros: Good weather and the best variety of fishing options. Best for other family friendly activities as well.
Cons: More anglers, by our wide open Montana standards. However, our guides will drive that extra mile to get you off the beaten path whenever possible.

Fall – mid September through October
Guides Choice – Yellowstone National Park waters in September, Spring Creeks & Missouri River in October. BONUS Yellowstone River streamer fishing in October!
Pros: Very few anglers or tourist activity.
Cons: Variable weather conditions anywhere from hot to snowy.


  • Rod & Reel – 5 weight & 6 weight with floating fly lines, a 9 foot 6 wt is perfect for everything, but if you have a combination of two rods to fish with; like a 5 wt for spring creeks and a 6wt for big rivers and windy days it is even better. This is a broad subject that depends on the angler’s preferences and the type of water fished – please feel free to contact us to discuss further.
  • Wading Boots – STUDDED BOOTS cannot be worn in drift boats or rafts.
  • Waders – breathable waders are the only way to go!
  • Rain Coat – should be taken even on clear days our mountain weather can change in a matter of minutes.
  • Water Shoes or Sandals – for wet wading on warmer days.
  • Fishing vest, fanny pack, or net – all optional.
  • Long underwear or fleece pants for under your waders on those colder days.
  • Layers of Clothing for Hot and Cool weather
  • Warm socks
  • A Waterproof Bag for personal items you bring in the boat – optional
  • Sunscreen
  • Hat – this not only provides better vision it protects you against hooks and fly lines.
  • Sunglasses – quality polarized sunglasses are a must.


Montana Fishing Licenses
All adult anglers must purchase the $10 conservation license followed by your fishing license. Non Resident Licenses are sold in consecutive 2 day increments for $25, 10 day licenses for $56 and season licenses are $86 for the season. Non Resident children under age 12 are not required to have a license when fishing with a licensed adult. We highly recommend that you purchase your license prior to your arrival online or in the days prior to your trip at a local fly shop. To purchase online visit the Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks Automated Licensing Site

Yellowstone National Park Fishing Licenses
Yellowstone National Park fishing licenses cannot be purchased online but most local fly shops will have them. A 3 day YNP license is $18, 10 day $25, and Season $40.


Download our full Pre-Trip Documentation (link)