Spring Special Fly Fishing Trips


Montana Fly Fishing Guides offers a full range of fly fishing trips, but in the Spring we do you one better and offer it for $75 off our peak season rate!

Fly fishing Montana in the early season can be some of the most rewarding of they year. Good hatches of March Brown's, Baetis (Blue-wing Olives), midges and the Mother's Day Caddis Hatch are tops of the list. At Montana Fly Fishing Guides we don't offer discounted fly fishing trips, but we do offer $75 off early season rate due to the shorter days and early season conditions. It's a great value and along with cheaper lodging rates it's a deal serious anglers can't pass up. 

Spring Float & Drift Trips

Springtime on Montana's rivers is fantastic...

Fantastic hatches, eager trout and fewer anglers - AND you can save a few bucks by coming early season. March, April and May can be some of the best fishing of the year, particularly on the Yellowstone River, Madison River and Missouri River

To take advantage of this great offer book your trip on the Yellowstone River or Madison River anytime prior May 31st. On the Missouri River book your trip prior to April 31st and fish for $75 less per day.

Spring Walk & Wade Trips

There’s just something about standing in the water fly fishing that brings it back to what it’s all about.

Our Spring Special Walk & Wade fly fishing trips take place on a number of rivers including DePuy, Armstrong and Nelson Spring Creeks as well as a couple smaller streams we won't discuss here. We recommend these trips for anglers with more than beginner level experience as the casting and mending techniques needed are a bit more advanced. However, beginner or intermediate anglers looking to improve their skills are always welcome.