Big Trout Montana Summer 2013

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Big Trout Prediction Comes True

Big Trout in Montana is what we predicted way back in June of 2013. We know it’s hard to recall that after a busy summer, but if you followed us on Facebook and Twitter you can still find it.  We don’t like to make too many predictions, but this comes after years of experience and every once in a while it proves us right.  With an about average snow pack, but an early run-off we had lower water levels than normal.  In essence low water is good as long as it stays cool, which for most of the summer it did.  This allows anglers to reach big trout that might otherwise just be in too deep a water to effectively fly fish. While we don’t concern ourselves with just the big trout it is nice to see some hogs. If we’re being honest who doesn’t love to see big trout?  Check out the gallery below and see for yourself.

Want a more details summary of our 2013 Montana fly fishing season?

Big Trout Gallery of 2013

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