Madison River fishing Season Changed

Madison River fishing Season Changed

The Madison River fishing season is now open year-round, thanks to a recent ruling from the Montana Fish Wildlife and Commission. Formerly three sections of the river were closed to fishing between the end of February until late May.  On why the change Fisheries Chief Bruce Rich stated, “What we’re trying to do is clean up some of that so it’s not as complex and people don’t have to worry so much about what the regulations are” – Which gets a big thumbs up from Montana Fly Fishing Guides, and the general public as well.

Along with the ruling Livingston based FWP Commissioner Dan Vermillion proposed an artificials only throughout lower sections of the Madison – another applaudable decision that was accepted. Details on the new Madison River Fishing Season regulations can be found at the Montana FWP Website.

About the Madison River

The Madison River originates in Yellowstone National Park and flows nearly 150 miles before joining the headwaters of the Missouri river. The Madison river fishing is divided into the upper stretch and lower stretch each of which seems to be completely different waters. Both the Upper Madison and Lower Madison are some of Montana’s premier wild trout rivers and it has been classified as a “Blue Ribbon” trout stream. Every foot of the river is capable of producing rainbow and brown trout eager to rise to a dry fly, grab a drifting nymph or a swinging streamer.

The Upper Madison river fishing has been nicknamed the “50 Mile Riffle” due to its fast flowing but the relatively shallow and boulder-strewn bottom. The float fishing is recommended as the casual wader might find out what wading on greased bowling balls might be like. In addition to great fishing, a float trip offers anglers spectacular views throughout the Valley. Whether you are a novice or advanced angler, our guided float trips are simply a very enjoyable way to fish the river.

Montana Fly Fishing Guides, LLC. offers fly fishing trips on the Madison River, for more information visit our Madison River Fishing Trips page.

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