Montana Fishing Report May, 2014

Montana Fly Fishing Tripschoose All Inclusive Inset

Typical of this time of year our Montana fishing report for the Spring is outstanding.  If you’ve followed this blog, FaceBook Page, Twitter account or Instagram photos you’ve seen that this season in particular has been amazing.  While the early Spring in March and even early April were nearly too cold to fish the last 3 weeks have more than made up for it.  You know it’s good when the Montana Fly Fishing Guides’ staff isn’t guiding they are making plans to fish.  How often do you go to your job when you have a day off, not too often we imagine.

Our runoff is a bit later than normal this year, but it sure has extended our early season fishing, but instead of boring you all with a description of it how about a bunch of trout porn photos.

Yeah, we thought you’d prefer that…

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