Montana Snow Pack February 2013

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Forget about that silly over weight rodent Punxsutawney Phil, the ever watchful eyes of Montana Fly Fishing Guides will keep you up to date on the fishing forecast   This is the time of year when we focus on the Montana snowpack 2013, because as most of you know the winter snows are the main reason our Montana rivers run throughout the summer.

So far this 2013 fishing season we are looking dead on normal in the Yellowstone, Boulder, Madison and Gallatin drainages. The Missouri River drainage is a bit low for the moment, but we’ve got plenty more winter in the Montana forecast so don’t fret yet.

Keep that snow flying – just in moderate amounts…

Montana Snow Pack 2013, February…

You can follow the Montana Snow Pack 2013 which is updated daily! just find the drainage you’re looking for listed in the tables.

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