Montana Wind Speed Map

Montana Wind Speed Map

We just found a great new wind speed map that might be useful to those of you who spend most of your summer days outside.

A few years ago I remember driving with one of our core guides, Russel Elwell.  We were mid-conversation while I was parking the truck, then without hesitation in our dialog, I spun the truck around to park facing into the gale force wind. Russell looked at me and said, “Do you realize how much time we (referring to Livingston locals) spend thinking about the wind.”  I didn’t even mention why I was re-parking the truck, but he already knew that I didn’t want my doors ripped off by the gusts.

He was right about how much we think of the wind around here.  While this map won’t deter us from being in Montana fly fishing, hunting, skiing, hiking or any of the other 100 great things to do – it might just give us a heads up.

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  1. Someone in Dupuyer MT told me today that a home weather station out west of town near Swift Dam measured a wind gust at 176mph on Sunday Jan 12. It blew out the car windows. They probably weren’t fishing that day.

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