Montana Goes to Belize III

imageWhat do you do on a terrible weather day of fishing in the tropicle paradise of Belize?

  • Wake up at 5 AM and realize it’s going to be bad; the wind is wrong, it’ blowing 25 to 30 mph, and it’s spotty rain showers.
  •  Get pounded riding out to look for Tarpon who already know the weather is bad and will not cooperate.
  •  Proceed to get dumped on by a nasty squall heading back to the dock, soaked through your rain gear – without having seen a fish all day.
  • Recuperate with a hot shower, nap and multiple Rum & Cokes.
  • Fall asleep knowing that tomorrow will be clear skies and that it could be worse – you could be in cold and windy Montana with no fishing in the foreseeable future.

Tip your glasses to that nasty front, may it go as quickly as it came.