6 Tips for Beginner Anglers on a Guided Trip

6 Tips for Beginner Anglers on a Guided Trip

This time of the year we are flooded with people making reservations for their Montana fly fishing trips.  Part of helping people make their plans is listening and answering their questions.  One of the most common questions is related to lesser experienced anglers. We get excited to guide beginners, adolescents, and casual anglers.  Our guide staff loves the sport and wants to teach those eager to learn.  Having said that here are a few things that will make your Montana fly fishing trip better if you are fishing with a novice or if you are the novice.

Let us preface this by saying that you’ve already made the best decision to improve your angling skills by hiring a guide.  They are on the water daily, have great local knowledge, and are passionate about sharing this information with beginner and experienced anglers alike.

6 Tips for Beginner Anglers:

  1. Make sure to TELL YOUR OUTFITTER that you are a novice when you first book your trip or that you have a novice angler fishing with you.  Then the outfitter can get you the best possible guide and make the best plan for learning and catching fish during your stay.
  2. ASK QUESTIONS, ask before you come out, while you’re fishing and afterwards.  There aren’t any dumb questions about fishing if you don’t know and you’ll never learn if you don’t ask.
  3. COMMUNICATE throughout the day with your guide.  If your guide explains something and you still don’t get it to ask him to explain it again or show you – don’t just nod your head in agreement.  Personally, we love it when people are passionately trying to understand the sport we love.
  4. Ask your outfitter about the EQUIPMENT YOU NEED.  Don’t spend a lot of $ on equipment that you might only use a few times, likewise, don’t use poor quality gear either.  Have the outfitter provide quality gear or rent it from a fly shop.  Borrowing your ‘uncle’s’ old fiberglass rod from the 1960s won’t help you enjoy your time on the water.
  5. Tell you outfitter your EXPECTATIONS.  Do you want to just try and catch a bunch of fish or do you want to learn the when/where/how/why of fishing?  Any guide worth their salt will be happy to teach you while also catching fish.
  6. LISTEN to your guide.  We know it seems simple, but honestly, it’s the most important part of learning.  If the person you’ve hired as the expert suggest something or makes a point to explain something it’s probably important.

Do you have any tips for novice anglers going on a guided trip that you’ve found helpful?  Be sure to comment if you do.