Fly Fishing Yellowstone National Park – Open for 2023

Fly fishing Yellowstone National Park is a great way to explore our area of Montana. But, as many of you are aware, the Yellowstone River and some of the NE parts of Yellowstone National Park were hit with a major flood event last June. While the flood waters receded quickly, several roads were damaged in Yellowstone National Park and just outside the Park boundary. The result was a major blow to our local economies as many roads were impassable during the 2022 fishing season. However, thanks to the great work of the Yellowstone Park management and local entities the roads have been fully repaired as of last November.fly fishing yellowstone

The really great news is that most of the rivers we fish; Soda Butte, Lamar River, Yellowstone River, and Slough Creek were basically untouched last year by anglers. The trout had a whole summer off to just be trout. A few of us were able to get into the NE section of Yellowstone late Fall before the fishing season closed and, at least on that day, the fishing was really good.

We have very optimistic views that this summer these rivers should fish really well. The best times are typically late July through early September. We are certain that we’ll be exploring those rivers quite a bit this summer and excited to finally get back to fishing in Yellowstone National Park again in 2023. If you’re interested in exploring Yellowstone National Parks many great fishing options find out more details on our Fly Fishing Yellowstone page.