John Mayer Concert Benefits Pine Creek Fireman

John Mayer Concert Benefits Pine Creek Fireman

As most of you know last August a wildfire broke out along the east bank of the Yellowstone River, near Pine Creek. It was a sight to see, with up to four helicopters whirling about and the ever-present bombers dropping retardent amongst the 400 plus firefighters. It was a terrifying reminder of how wild our Montana backyard can be. By the time it was contained it burned over 8,500 acres of ranch and forest land as well as destroying 5 homes. Fortunately, no lives were lost.

Our newest well-known resident and musician John Mayer, who recently moved to the Pine Creek area, was not present for the blaze but has certainly become a part of our little community. Mayer was extremely moved by the efforts of the community and particularly the firefighters and wanted to give something back. So with the help of a number of musicians Mayer took the stage on January 16, 2013, where he rocked the crowd and even sang a few songs (his first singing concert since 2011).

The benefit raised over $100,000 which will go to benefit the firefighters of the Pine Creek Rural Fire Department and locals affected by the wildfire.  In Mayer’s own words,

“Without the tireless effort and dedication of the firefighters of the Pine Creek Fire, many more homes and memories would have been destroyed, mine among them. I wasn’t in town when the fire broke out and I’ve always wished I could do my part to help, the way so many in the community did. Putting on a concert to raise some money for the departments is the least I can do for a town and a community that has welcomed me with open arms.”

From all of us at Montana Fly Fishing Guides, LLC and the community at large a big THANK YOU to the firefighters and John Mayer for helping raise funds for a great local cause.