Yellowstone Valley Lodge Upgrades 2013

Yellowstone Valley Lodge Upgrades 2013

Yellowstone Valley Lodge is fast becoming THE lodging destination for anglers, travelers, outdoor enthusiasts and locals looking to just get away for the weekend.  In 2012 YVL added 6 new Deluxe Cabins nearly doubling their occupancy. Now they are nearly finished with several new projects that everyone will be able to enjoy.

Upgrades to Yellowstone Valley Grill – there’s a bunch! First they have added air conditioning. This will be a huge relief to chef Marcos Mustain and his staff, but also to patrons on those hot August days.  Along similar lines the patio at YVG will be heated and screened in to alleviate those brutal winds that always turn a nice evening too cold to enjoy outside dining.  Now for all you coffee lovers lovers – YVG will have a full espresso machine available to start your day or keep you going during dinner.

Property upgrades will include a new walkway from Yellowstone Valley Grill down to the river. This beautiful path will be ready in time for our opening in April and will be a welcomed amenity for all of us who’ve nearly slid down that steep hill.  The walkway will also traverse between two new fire pits. Guests will be able to sit on the deck or down by the Yellowstone River enjoying the new fire pits. Finally, those of you who need to stay connected to the “real” world will be able to do so at a much faster speed. YVL is upgrading their WiFi infrastructure which will provide faster speeds and a broader connection radius.

Kudos YVL! Simply awesome upgrades for our Stay & Fish Package guests – we can’t wait to share with you what’s next on the agenda.

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