An Angler’s Historical Tour of the Spring Creeks in Paradise Valley

An Angler’s Historical Tour of the Spring Creeks in Paradise Valley

Travelers the world over visit Montana for countless reasons, among the most prominent, is undoubtedly the renowned fly-fishing.  It’s a sport so intoxicating many piscatorial explorers soon call the Treasure State home. To this breed of angler, Montana’s great bounty can be found along the Yellowstone, Madison, Bighorn, Missouri, Beaverhead, and Big Hole rivers. While these tributaries are dazzling, most of our local rivers experience a natural period of high water. Each river is subject to the event, and the heavy spring run-off with infusions of melted snow often leaves anglers aimlessly plodding for their next fishing fix. Fortunately for us, the generosity of Montana’s fisheries prevails with numerous spring creeks that remain largely unaffected by the seasonal conditions.

Spring creeks are formed from groundwater aquifers that permeate the surface, together forming streams, which produce the ideal conditions for trout to thrive – cold, clear, oxygenated water. Just a few miles south of Livingston, Paradise Valley has an unusually high concentration of these creeks. While volumes have been written on fishing the spring creeks and the applicable tactics, few anglers have an understanding of their early history.

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4 thoughts on “An Angler’s Historical Tour of the Spring Creeks in Paradise Valley

  1. We are already looking for employment and housing in Montana, and we've yet to come visit. Our first trip comes in July for my 30th bday. We are floating and fishing the Yellowstone River. Just from reading and gawking at stunning photographs, we've decided Montana is a place we would like to call home. 🙂

  2. I'm so jealous, I wanna visit and live in Montana too. And fishing is one of my first plan of activities there. Stephanie I saw your blog and I enjoying it as much as this blog.

  3. Thanks for following! Sorry I couldn't respond sooner, but I was up on the Missouri River guiding for a week. Fishing was great, but it's good to be home in Livingston.
    If you get the chance to visit, let us know and we'll have a cocktail at our 'Cutthroat Lounge' at Yellowstone Valley Lodge over looking the Yellowstone River!

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