Lower Madison Report 04/24/10

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On Saturday we guided on the Lower Madison.  Once again conditions were a bit tougher than we’d like.  A front moved in and the majority of the day found us challenged by 20 mph downstream winds.  The combination of small nymphs and heavy winds made it difficult to get the right drift.  Fortunately, we are always prepared and brought out 7 weights and got the job done.  We only landed about a dozen fish, but a number of them were in that great 15 -17 inch category.  Surprisingly, most were brown trout.

Best Technique:
Our only real option was to nymph based on the conditions.  Indicators about 5-6 feet above a BB or AB split shot with a double nymph rig.

Weather & Water Conditions:
Fifty-five degrees, variable clouds, 20mph downstream wind.  The water was flowing at 1,130 cfs and had been stable for a few days.  The water color is a great green/olive color – perfect for the lower.

Light baetis hatch around noon.

Best Bugs:
Our best nymph size 18 olive Lightning Bug fished behind a San Juan or small Bow River Bugger.

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