Madison River Winter Fishing Report

Madison River Winter Fishing Report


Our good friend and fellow Montana fly fishing guide Andy Watson were able to sneak out one last time before the beginning of the New Year and get in some wintertime fishing on the Upper Madison.  He was able to get out during some of the more mild winter weather we’ve had and made the most of it.  The water temperatures as you can imagine were frigid, but the fish were active.  All told he landed about 20 fish with ranging from 14 to 19 inches, oh and he did it in about 3 hours.  That’ll warm you up on a cold Montana day!

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Not much of a hatch, but a few midges were apparently moving around on the river bottom.

Weather & Water Conditions:
The weather was in the low 40s with overcast skies and a light and variable breeze or in other words PERFECT winter fishing weather.  The water temperatures were in the low 30s, pretty standard for this time of year on the Upper Madison River.

Best Technique:
Nymphing all the way!  Small indicators fished in the slower water and along steam lines was most effective.

Best Bugs:
Tiny was the key word here, sizes 18 – 20.  Brassies, Zebra Midges, Miracle Midges and the like.

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