Missouri River Fishing Report

Montana Fly Fishing Tripschoose All Inclusive Inset

The Missouri River fishing is plain and simple fishing well. Montana Fly Fishing Guides Eric Adams and Tony Valeriano have reported solid fishing all the way from the dam through the canyon.  We are headed back up to the Upper River today to see if we can get them again today.

2 thoughts on “Missouri River Fishing Report

  1. The photo for the MFFG web site is so great that I can think of no better place to be buried. I’d be in heaven to see the country forever ! Is the picture on “No tellem creek ?

    I live in Idaho but spend more hunting, fishing and exploring in Montana. What a great untouched state you have.

    1. Thanks Brien. The photo on that page is actually from SW Montana. You’ve got some gems over there in Idaho as well!

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