Missouri River Report – 06/23/10

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It was probably the prettiest day in Montana this season and we were fortunate to guide with Headhunters Fly Shop in Craig, Montana.  Fishing was great though the dry fly action was lacking.


PMDs in the morning and some caddis in the afternoon.

Weather & Water Conditions:

As we mentioned the weather was perfect.  If you’ve been following the blog at all you’ve probably seen that the river is at 18,000 cfs, which is HUGE!  If you come up be very careful of the strong eddie lines.

Best Technique:

There is really no dry fly action so its all nymphing. Your rig should be 10-13 ft to the 3/0 split shot (big).  Oh yeah you better have a long handled net if you want to land any of the fish you hook!

Best Bugs:

You should be running the Brain Buster wire worm all day.  In the morning our best trailer fly was the Hot Head Scud or the Hot Head PMD nymph.  In the afternoon our best trailer was the Humpback Scud or the Cat Puke caddis emerger.

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