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Our fishing…

The Yellowstone River has been a tricky one to figure out this spring, with cooler than normal temperatures we are still about a week or two behind our normal schedule.  The March Browns and Mother’s Day Caddis hatches are still yet to pop, but this week we’ve seen some good action on streamers as you can see on our latest video.

Our Prediction:

We are still guessing that by this weekend we’ll start seeing some significant hatches of both Caddis and March Browns so if you’re in the area get out there.  The weather looks fairly warm and as soon as those water temperatures hit 52 to 54 degrees it’s going to go off!  We’d also predict that the Yellowstone River won’t blow out until at least early next week, so get some fishing while you can.

The Highlights:

Yellowstone River:
Streamers have been our best ticket in yellow and black fished slow against the banks and in the slower water.  The other good option is a shallow bead rig 2′-4′ below a small indicator in the foam holes with 14-18 Pheasant Tails & Midge pupa.

Spring Creeks (Armstrong, DePuy, Nelson):
Midges and baetis have been very good on the cloudy days especially when the breeze is light.  Take advantage while you can with the early season discounted rates until June 14th.

Madison River:
The Lower Madison River is off color from Ennis Lake and Cherry Creek spilling in off colored water.  There are baetis, midges and caddis are right around the corner.  The trout aren’t consistently keying on the dry flies so it’s a nymphing and stream thing right now.  The streamer fishing, dragging a Bow River Buggers and small baetis nymphs dropped below are the best ticket right now.  Look for the fishing to pick up with the increased hatch activity.  The Upper Madison has been a bit trickier so be warned.

Missouri River:
The Missouri is getting much more consistant with nymphing and occasional dry fly action.  The nymphing from our reports is best with sow bugs and bright flies or baetis and midges.  The streamer fishing is still hit and miss mostly due to the higher flows for this time of the season.

Got any good fishing reports from the area? Then make sure to leave a comment and let us know.


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