Montana Snowpack May 2013

Montana Snowpack May 2013 – Updated

Montana Snowpack May 2013 – Updated

It is shaping up to be pretty good with regards to Montana snowpack May 2013. A good early season in October/November (2012) gave way to a sluggish mid-winter. However, as has been typical in the past several years colder than average temperatures and average precipitation has brought our Montana snowpack up to 100% in most drainages and slightly more (104%) on the Yellowstone River drainage.  As we all know more water means healthy, happy trout.

As far as run-off goes and when we’ll start fishing the Yellowstone River and surrounding rivers is anyone’s guess.  Tony Valeriano from our core Montana Fly Fishing Guides’ staff is renowned for saying, “I’ll tell you more in October”. However, at this point with the weather forecast outlook and current snowpack, we would make an educated guess of late June or early July.  Maybe just in time for Salmonflies!

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