Yellowstone River Hatch Chart

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Yellowstone River Hatch Chart

Yellowstone River Hatch Chart

The following Yellowstone River  hatch chart represents a sampling of the major hatches that occur on the Yellowstone River and many of the smaller tributaries in the upper Yellowstone River drainage.  Montana has a wide variety of rivers, streams and lakes. The Yellowstone River has some of the most prolific hatches in the western United States. As the longest free flowing (non-damed) river in the continental U.S. it has a wide variety of water. Anglers can expect extremely localized insect emergences even during the course of a day or several mile stretch of water. Also, as seasonal and weather conditions effect insect emergence the represented timeframes may vary slightly.

Yellowstone River Hatch Chart


While this Yellowstone River hatch chart represent the majority of major insect emergences on the Yellowstone River anglers should be prepared with a variety of sizes and patterns for the insects above. Also, a wide variety of attractor patterns are always a good option to have in your arsenal.

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  1. Darin says:

    The Yellowstone River Hatch Chart is not showing up at https://www.montanaflyfishingguides.com/yellowstone-river-hatch-chart/ I saw it the other day, but now it doesn’t appear on my computer, my iPad, or my iPhone. Help! 🙂

    • Eric Adams says:

      Darin – we just updated the website and haven’t been able to get that updated. I’ll email it to you. – Eric

  2. Juan says:

    What’s the difference between a Golden Stone and a Western Golden Stone?

    • Eric Adams says:

      They are 2 different species. The Golden Stone typically hatches in late June or early July. They Giant Western Golden Stone (or Nocturnal Stone) hatches in mid August through early September. Right now we are seeing quite a few Nocturnals on the Yellowstone River and the Stillwater River. Hope that helps!

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