Montana Spring Fishing Report – 05/21/12

Montana Spring Fishing Report – 05-21-12

Spring fishing in Montana is always pretty exciting with unpredictable weather each new day is an adventure.  This Spring has been particularly good fishing as the weather actually feels like Spring with warm air temperatures and very few spring snow storms.  The Yellowstone River fished quite well with the Mother’s Day Caddis Hatch making it’s best showing in the past few years.  We had a number of anglers take advantage of our 25% off Spring Discount.  These anglers were not disappointed as we routinely landed 30 to 40 fish a day with a few gems including Mac’s 22″ Yellowstone River Brown trout (pictured here).

As is typical with any Montana Spring fishing season the inevitable Spring run-off is upon us.  Run-off is our annual event where the mountain snows melt with the warm weather and flood the rivers and make them unfishable for about 4 to 6 weeks.  This doesn’t mean there isn’t any good fishing to be had.  The local spring creeks of Armstrong, DePuy, and Nelson start to fish well and the Missouri River is currently on fire – at least on the nymphing side of things.  In fact, one of our guides Jeff Pavlovich has been on Missouri for the last week and reports good to excellent nymphing with bright caddis pupa and emergers, along with the ever-present scuds and sow bugs.  The caddis on Missouri are nearly ready to explode so the dry fly fishing is certainly within days of getting really good.

We’ll continue to keep you posted so stay tuned…

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