Reconsidering over the Holidays

Reconsidering over the Holidays

As the end of the year approaches most of us to tend to reflect on our lives.  At Montana Fly Fishing Guides we often think back on past fishing seasons, memorable fish and the great individuals we’ve met along the way.  In fact, one of our anglers & friends started us thinking about this particular topic – thanks, Barbara.

One thought we always come back to is our conversations with anglers about our choice of the fishing lifestyle.  Many of our anglers comment on how great it would be to spend time on the water every day in Montana searching for that next tight line.  We couldn’t agree more, that’s why we do what we do.  In 2001 & 2002, after the 9/11 attacks, we saw a tremendous shift in anglers who changed their entire lifestyle.  No longer was it about career, work, money or acquisitions with the hope of sneaking in some fishing along the way.  It was about enjoying life and pursuing their passion for fly fishing.  This season wasn’t much different, many people suffered from the recent economic debacle, and we’ve seen a similar shift in our angler’s priorities.  Spending time on the water with family, friends and enjoying life to the fullest has taken hold once again.  If you’ve been contemplating your choice of lifestyle this past year consider the following this holiday season:

Meet Mr. Jack Gartside (link to the Boston Globe).  His passion was fly fishing plain and simple.  He didn’t let a traditional career, money or everyday life get in the way of his enthusiasm.  One of his close angling friends stated: “he’s who we’d all like to be if we all had more guts.”  While we never had the pleasure of meeting Jack personally, he was certainly the epitome of one who pursued his angling passion to the fullest.  Angling Fanatics, Trout Bums, Fly Fishing Geeks – whatever you choose to label such societal contrarians we applaud them for their choice to pursue a lifestyle richer and fuller than most have dared attempt.  While most of us can’t embrace a Trout Bum lifestyle as full as Jack’s we can glean insight from someone who lived an angler’s life to the fullest.

We’ll save you a spot on the water in 2010. Until then all of us at Montana Fly Fishing Guides wish Tight Lines to our angling family and friends this holiday season!

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