The Day After the Big Night in the Big City

So after a great day of fishing on the Missouri River how do you follow it up? Obviously, you celebrate one of the owners of Headhunters fly shop Mark Raisler’s birthday with a barbecue then head up to Great Falls for a night out in the big city. I mean why not, especially when you get a call from some beautiful women friends that are going for a night involving limos and dancing. Really you don’t have any choice.

So what do you do after the big night? Again there’s really no choice but to gather up the pieces, find your friends and hit the water. The best cure for a hangover is to put a bend in the rod and release a few big fish. As you can see the 20″ rainbow Steve is gripping looks like it’ll have a slight hangover tomorrow.

– somewhere near the water via iPad

MFG’s New Fish Pimp Palace

MFG's New Fish Pimp Palace

Montana Fly Fishing Guides’ Eric Adams & Tony Valeriano have a new base of operation on the Missouri River in Craig, Montana.

Montana Fly Fishing Guides' Fish Pimp Palace
The New Fish Pimp Palace

Our new Fish Pimp Palace is a vintage 1986 Wilderness pull behind camper.  After years of sleeping in our trucks, couch surfing, and tent camping we finally decided to splurge on more comfortable accommodations.

Our new Palace has three bunks, stove, refrigerator, sink, 1/2 bath and what will become our fly tying bench.  It also has propane, batteries, and all the necessary amenities decked out in the decor of the mid-1980s.  Yeah, that’s right awful drape colors with matching brown/beige cushions all surrounded by sweet wood paneling.  Honestly, who wouldn’t want this thing?  Oh yeah, we almost forgot it’s got dual axels and a second hitch.  This will allow us to pull it up piggyback style with the Palace hooked to the truck and a drift boat hooked to the Palace.  We know that’s going to get us some sweet gas mileage, but at least we can go up and back with all our equipment.  Nice!

All the high water predictions this season have us guiding on the Missouri River for almost 6 weeks this season so having a place to call your own is a welcomed change.  We know you’re all super jealous of our Fish Pimp Palace and I’m sure there will be plenty of guide shenanigans to ensue. In Fact, living in a small camper with another guide in a town with an annual population of around 700 pretty much guarantees it.  We’ll keep you posted.  If you happen to see us up there make sure to stop by – we’ll give you the tour and maybe even a beer.

We’ll be pulling the Fish Pimp Palace up tonight so watch out Craig the Livingston boys are headed your way!

Montana Fishing Guide Shoots Chad Ochocinco

Montana Fly Fishing Guides’ very own Andy Watson shot AllPro NFL receiver #85, Chad Ochocinco of the Cincinnati Bengals, last weekend as Chad attempted to ride the bull Deja Blu.

When Andy isn’t guiding fly fishermen he’s the owner of Bull Stock Media, the official photographer for the PBR (Professional Bull Riders). Number 85 was talking a big game, which is certainly his specialty, about riding the 1,500 lb bull. However, Deja Blu only allowed Ochocinco a short ride of 1.5 seconds, well short of the full 8 seconds. For his efforts, Chad received $10,000 which he generously donated to Feed the Children along with a new Ford F-150 that he’s donating to one of his Twitter followers.

“I feel good. It was fun,” the healthy but humbled Ochocinco said, “I can cross riding a bull off my bucket list. This sport doesn’t get enough credit. The guys who do this week in and week out deserve the utmost respect. They should be the highest-paid athletes in sports.” We couldn’t agree more!

To check out all the details check out these links from TMZ or Yahoo Sports.

Andy had a great time working closely with Chad the two days prior to the ride and said he couldn’t have been more humble, attentive and all around a fun guy to spend some time with. Ochocinco enjoyed his time so much he’s headed to the Pueblo PBR event again this weekend in Pueblo, as a spectator this time, and Andy’s got another chance to get some great photos before the bulls slow down and the fishing season starts up. Maybe Andy can convince Chad to do something less life-threatening, like fly fishing this summer.

If you enjoy the PBR or would like to check it out for the first time make sure to join us in Livingston, Montana this July 27th! Make sure to check out the Bull Stock Media Facebook page to learn more about upcoming events.

– somewhere near the water via iPad


Typical Winter Guide Conversation

Typical Winter Guide Conversation

As you can imagine this time of year for Montana fly fishing guides can be a bit tough.  While most of us are enjoying some downtime by tying flies, skiing, traveling (mostly to fish), or working that offseason job – we still can’t help talking about fishing.  Recently, a couple of Livingston guides Tony V, Jeff Pavlovich and Eric Adams took a road trip to Helena, Montana to look at the some of the new Adipose Boatworks drift boats – which are awesome by the way.

On the drive, Jeff and Adams had a conversation with veteran guide Tony V, who’s going on close to 20 years.  As usual, our topic turned to fishing, guiding and drift boats.

It went something like:

Jeff: “How long have you been guiding Adams”?

Adams: “I think it’s been 10 or 11 years.”

Jeff: “How ’bout you V”?

Tony V: “I think about 15,000 river miles.”

Jeff & Adams: “HA, right!”

Tony V: “No seriously, at about 1,000 to 1,200 miles per year I think that pretty conservative.”

Insert long pause for Jeff & Adams to do the math (100+ days a season X 10-12 river miles per day).

Adams: “I think I could buy that, but the real question is how many trout do you think you’ve floated by”?

Tony V: “Forget trout, how about whitefish.”

Everyone laughs, then think about it.  Group math ensues (using all our fingers and toes).

Jeff: “Yeah, I think it’s about 150 million whitefish.”

Adams: “No way”

Tony V: “FWP surveys say about 10,000 whitefish/mile, so that’s about right.”

After a brief solemn silence…

Adams: “I really don’t want to think about my ratio of trout caught/whitefish floated over – that’s going to UGLY.”

Tony V: “Well maybe for you it would be.”

Jeff laughs in the background, Adams gives V. the evil eye and the conversation degrades quickly from here with jibs about each others guide abilities and the like.

Here’s to some much needed Montana fly fishing this spring which will hopefully but ‘stir-crazy’ in the background!