What were the specs on that boat Noah?

What were the specs on that boat Noah

O.K. there’s nothing we can do about it so let’s have some fun with this.


Double Rainbow

We aren’t all gloom and doom over the crazy amounts of rain and snow here in Montana (see the pretty rainbow picture), but it is crazy right now.  As many of you know this is how we get our averages here.  Average 80 degrees in the summertime = Monday it’s 100 + Tuesday it’s 60 degrees.  However, this is getting a bit ridiculous.  Granted it’s heading into Memorial weekend so the weather should be pretty crappy, but they didn’t forecast rain – they forecasted HEAVY rain. Oh, and did we mention the Winter Storm Watch in Paradise Valley and Yellowstone National Park for to day through Monday?

To put it in perspective last week Livingston received about 2.5 inches, the forecast is for another 2 or 3 inches, our annual rainfall is 12 inches.  That’s about 45% of our total rainfall for the year in a total of two weeks yippie.  In eastern Montana last week they got 8 inches in one storm – it washed out bridges and closed the interstate fun.

Once again if you didn’t catch our previous post about the large amounts of snow we still have check it out and consider adjusting your fishing plans this summer.

I remember a story about this, what was it? Oh, yeah Noah can you get us the building specs on that ark you built? Maybe we can use it to float from Yellowstone National Park through downtown Livingston.

Blogging with a snorkel on somewhere near the approaching water…

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