DePuy Spring Creek Fishing Report 05-16-11

Fly fishing DePuy spring creek today would have been a challenge for anyone. The breeze, no make that full-on wind, was brutal so the baetis and midges on the surface were hard to come by. However John and Jeff, fresh from the Bighorn River and Steve Galletta’s Montana Trout Anglers weren’t detoured. We caught enough good trout in the morning to make it interesting, and then even with the wind picking up speed in the afternoon, we managed to find a small piece of water that was relatively unaffected. Patience was the name of the game and a small (18) Zebra Midge under the smallest pinch-on indicator was the ticket. We land about 15 trout, which is good for any day on the ever technical water of DePuy’s -, especially with the tough conditions! Hats off to the boys from Ohio.

Best Bugs
Tungsten Zebra Midge, Brown Olive Surface Emerger and Harrop’s CDC Last Chance Midge (sizes 18-22).

As the Yellowstone and surrounding waters are blown out due to high spring water and will be for the next five or six weeks we are off to the Missouri River for the next several days, so we’ll keep you posted.

If you’re looking for some good fly fishing in Montana in the near future join us on the Missouri or one of the local spring creeks or make sure to check out Montana Trout Anglers on the Bighorn.

– somewhere near the water via iPad