MFG’s New Fish Pimp Palace

MFG's New Fish Pimp Palace

Montana Fly Fishing Guides’ Eric Adams & Tony Valeriano have a new base of operation on the Missouri River in Craig, Montana.

Montana Fly Fishing Guides' Fish Pimp Palace
The New Fish Pimp Palace

Our new Fish Pimp Palace is a vintage 1986 Wilderness pull behind camper.  After years of sleeping in our trucks, couch surfing, and tent camping we finally decided to splurge on more comfortable accommodations.

Our new Palace has three bunks, stove, refrigerator, sink, 1/2 bath and what will become our fly tying bench.  It also has propane, batteries, and all the necessary amenities decked out in the decor of the mid-1980s.  Yeah, that’s right awful drape colors with matching brown/beige cushions all surrounded by sweet wood paneling.  Honestly, who wouldn’t want this thing?  Oh yeah, we almost forgot it’s got dual axels and a second hitch.  This will allow us to pull it up piggyback style with the Palace hooked to the truck and a drift boat hooked to the Palace.  We know that’s going to get us some sweet gas mileage, but at least we can go up and back with all our equipment.  Nice!

All the high water predictions this season have us guiding on the Missouri River for almost 6 weeks this season so having a place to call your own is a welcomed change.  We know you’re all super jealous of our Fish Pimp Palace and I’m sure there will be plenty of guide shenanigans to ensue. In Fact, living in a small camper with another guide in a town with an annual population of around 700 pretty much guarantees it.  We’ll keep you posted.  If you happen to see us up there make sure to stop by – we’ll give you the tour and maybe even a beer.

We’ll be pulling the Fish Pimp Palace up tonight so watch out Craig the Livingston boys are headed your way!