Montana Anglers Respond to 5 Weather Proverbs

Montana Fly Fishing Guides Todd Scott

What’s the Simms bumper sticker – Today’s weather forecast? Who cares.

That’s pretty much how most Montana anglers feel – summer or winter. What are you going to do not fish? Here’s how we respond to all those old weather sayings…

  1. Saying: “Red sky at night, sailor’s delight. Red sky at morning, sailors take warning.”
    Response #1: “Early morning – what for? They eat dries best in the afternoon.”
    Response #2: “Red whatever, those big trout love brown, yellow and olive streamers in the morning & at night.”
  2. Saying: “Ants are busy, gnats bite, crickets sing louder than usual… just before the rain.”
    Response: “Sounds like fishing Slough Creek to me.”
  3. Saying: “When sheep ascend hills and scatter, expect clear weather”
    Response #1: “We’d expect a lonely sheepherder or a hungry wolf to scatter the flock.”
    Response #2: Insert your favorite sheep joke here…
  4. Saying: “When the rooster goes crowing to bed, he will rise with rain on his head.”
    Response: “If that rooster keeps crowing, he’s going to provide the hackle for my next few dozen flies!”
  5. Saying: “When geese walk east and fly west, expect cold weather.”
    Response: “Seem like we should get the streamer rod ready for those big browns.”

Have a response to your favorite weather proverb?  Make sure to comment.

Climate Change Legislation & Trout

Global Warming

Most of the time we will be the first ones to say, “Fishing and politics don’t mix”!  At least when you’re floating the river looking for Mr. Trout to eat your dry fly.  Sometimes anglers/hunters/avid outdoorsmen have to take a serious look around and become involved. We here at Montana Fly Fishing Guides aren’t political by nature, but when topics are debated that directly affect our resources we try to stand up and be counted.  Please visit the resource below to learn more about how you can ensure your children will enjoy the same recreational activities you do today.  We aren’t saying that the proposed legislation is THE solution, but all of us should be informed and willing to get involved in this discussion!

The following is an excerpt from Climate Central, we encourage you to watch the video and learn more.  We’ve already contacted our Montana Congressmen and given them our opinions.  We urge you to learn more about this topic, contact your local congressmen, and get involved:

“The flow of water in Montana’s rivers is lifeblood for its economy, both through tourism and agriculture. Montana’s trout and the $300 million recreational fishing industry depend on cool waters flowing from melting snow high in the mountains throughout the summer. Irrigated crops play a prominent role in Montana’s $2.4 billion agricultural industry, and these crops rely on the same strong river flows during the summer when soils are driest and plants thirstiest. But a broad trend is changing the way streams and rivers flow in Montana.  Read more & view video…

You can also email Derek Goldman directly at [email protected] to become involved.

Mother’s Day and Fishing

Mother’s Day and Fishing

I’m not quite sure if my mother actually likes to fish.  I think she does, but I’m just not positive.  In reality, she had no choice in a family of all boys – even the dog was male.  Every memorable vacation we ever had was driven by the desire for my Grandpa, Dad, brother, and I to go fishing.  Mom, of course, wanted to spend time with all, “her guys” and so she and Grandma would join us.

Back when I was young she refused to bait a hook (yep we bait fished back in the day), but she would spend countless hours in the boat fishing with the family. If the weather was nasty she might stay at the cabin, I’m sure enjoying the solitude but likely contemplating how dirty guys can get while fishing.  Most of the time, however, she would come fishing.

Naturally, as she wasn’t passionate about it, she caught more and bigger fish.  Case in point – on our “greatest of all” fishing adventures we traveled to Alaska for a month in a 23-foot pull behind trailer.  If a month in a tin can on a several-thousand-mile drive with your family doesn’t test your sanity… I digress.  It had always been my Dad’s dream to fish Alaska so he splurged for a guided trip on the Kenai River.  Several hours into the float Mom hooked and landed a 35lb King Salmon, all by her lonesome.  Naturally, she was excited but anxious as it was Dad’s dream to fish Alaska, not hers.  The fishing day was rapidly drawing to a close and Mom’s concern was evident.  Fortune smiled as Dad landed a King nearly at the boat ramp.  Was she excited or relieved?   I’m not certain but to date, it is the only fish I’ve ever seen her hold.

Today she still doesn’t release her own fish yet she continues to go fishing.  As I’m a fishing outfitter she still endures the annual Montana fly fishing trip with Dad and the continued trips to the cabin for more fishing.  I suppose if you do anything long enough you can at least appreciate it, if not learn to like it.  While I’m still not convinced she likes to fish, I do know that she appreciates all the things fishing provides; beautiful surroundings, peace, quiet, reading a good book and the chance to be with her guys.

Thanks, Mom, see you this summer for more fishing.

Happy Mother’s Day.