Montana Fishing Trip – 2015 Rates

Montana Fishing Trip - 2015 Rates


Plan your 2015 Montana Fishing Trip with Us…

Montana Fly Fishing Guides and our lodging partners Yellowstone Valley Lodge and the Missouri River Ranch have updated our Montana fishing trip rates for 2015.  Most of you will notice that our daily fishing rates have stayed the same yet again.  We can attribute this to our organization and efficiency in our advertising and overhead.  Rates for the Missouri River Ranch are also the same as in 2014.

The Paradise Valley spring creeks of DePuy’s and Armstrong’s have increased their daily private water fees from $100 to $120  per person/day.

Yellowstone Valley Lodge has a slight increase (less than 5%) in it’s all inclusive package rates due mostly to increases in food costs and our commitment to value added amenities.

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