Video – Moment of Montana Fly Fishing Zen

We are deep into Winter and as the snow piles up in the mountains of Montana we can’t help but think of the upcoming fly fishing season. So in light of that we offer you our Moment of Montana fly fishing zen – enjoy…

MFG’s Client and Guide Services

Meet Nicolette…

We’d like to introduce, or reintroduce for many of you, Nicolette Allen. She’s in charge of our client and guest services, among many other things. Nikki has been running the Montana Fly Fishing Guides office for the past several years, especially during the busy summer months. If your family or fishing partners are looking for lodging, other activities or even your own personal concierge during your stay she’s got you covered.


Born and raised in NW Wyoming, Nicolette always had an affinity to being outdoors. Her passion for fly fishing has further developed since moving to Montana over 15 years ago. Her personal fly angling accomplishments include everything from trophy New Zealand Brown Trout, Belize Bonefish, and Florida Keys Tarpon. With regard to MFG, Nicolette is in charge of client and guide services. So if you’re looking for other activities, lodging reservations, or concierge work while you’re in town Nicolette is your contact person. When she’s not busy with those duties you can find her writing guide checks, bookkeeping, returning phone calls, guide bookings and general gettin-stuff-done happens with her in charge.

She is also Eric’s best fishing and travel partner. When she’s not in the office you can find her fishing, paddle boarding, practicing yoga or hiking.

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