Yellowstone River Blows

I guess it’s officially Spring in Montana when the Yellowstone River blows out. It’s currently at 8,000 cfs, which pretty much means we won’t be fishing it for at least another six weeks.

We are starting to really get busy on the guiding scene starting this week, however – a couple of days on the spring creeks and then up to the Missouri River for a couple of days toward the end of the week. It’s going to be another great fishing season in Montana this year and we are ready for it to start cranking, Literally. As of today, we are at 160% of normal snow pack in the Upper Yellowstone River drainage. That means 1996 levels, and for those not around then it was our 100-year flood event – also known as scary! So let’s get that water moving and snow out of here so we can enjoy some good July fishing and maybe even see some Salmonflies again this year.

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