Yellowstone River Report 05/08/10

Yellowstone River Report 05 08 10
Alright this has gone to just plain sweet spring fishing!  If you can get here in the next 4 to 6 days do it.  Yesterday and today were great fishing.  When neither the guide nor the anglers can remember how many trout were caught we consider that a great day of fishing.
The weather is predicted to stay cool so spring run off should be delay until at least after the weekend.  Today was the warmest it’s been in three weeks at about 55 degress, the wind was still blowing a bit but at a reasonable level.  As expected at about 2pm the March Browns and Baetis showed up.  At 3pm or 4 pm the Mother’s Day Caddis kicked off and it was the largest emergence we’ve seen yet this spring.  Dry fly fish was very consistant – those fish are starting to look up.  The rest of the week should be great so we’ll see you out there!
Best Technique:
The Dry/Dropper technique was most effective, however in the larger foam holes a shallow nymph rig (15-30 inches) with an nymph and emerger was best.
Weather & Water Conditions:
Mid-fifties at the warmest part of the day with variable ENE wind to about 15mph.  The water was flowing at 2,010 cfs and had been relatively stable for a few days.  The water color is a great caddis-y green with 2 to 3 feet of visibility.
Light Baetis, great March Browns and best Mother’s Day Caddis hatch to date.  All starting around 1pm or 2 pm, caddis are starting later around 3pm.
Best Bugs:
Our best dry was a parachute March Brown sz 12, best emergers Cat Puke and P.T. Soft Hackle sz 14, best nymph Glass House Caddis sz 12.

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