Yellowstone & Creek Report – 07/10/10

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We’ve been chasing Salmonflies on the Yellowstone River and the switched gears and have been on the spring creeks of Armstrong’s and DePuy’s for the past couple days.  Fishing has been great overall.  The Yellowstone has fished well when the warmer weather has showed up and gets the big bugs moving.  Spring Creeks have been pretty steady, but you have to really work those selective fish!


Yellowstone: you name it – Salmonflies, Golden Stones, Yellow Sallies, Mocha Caddis, Summer Caddis, Green Drakes & PMDs.

Spring Creeks: Midges in the morning and evening, PMD Spinners in the mornings/evenings and Adults between 9am and 2pm

Weather & Water Conditions:

Great weather, with some occasional afternoon thunderstorms. Always, Always bring your rain jacket and an extra warm layer!

Best Technique:

Yellowstone – Single big try flies in tight to the bank or on the softer seams.  Big bead heads in the right riffle corners are also producing some good fish.

Spring Creeks – 9 to 12 foot leaders to 6x with a morning PMD nymph rig dropped with a midge pupa or a PMD spinner,  then a single dry for the meat of the hatch.

Best Bugs:

Yellowstone – Mystery Meat Salmonfly (sz 6) or Chubby Chernobyl Golden Stone (sz 6-8) drop  a size 10 BH Prince in the right spots and you’ll also pick up some trout – but be careful the whitefish bite is epic on the upper river right now.

Spring Creeks – Slightly weighted Pheasant Tail (sz 18-20), Zebra midge (sz 20), PMD No Hackle (sz 16), Rusty Spinner (sz 18).

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