2010 Grasshopper Infestation

2010 Grasshopper Infestation

We thought we’d re-post this article again as it’s gotten a lot of attention from all those anglers looking forward to their late July and August fishing trips.  So here it is again…

Original Post from May:
Great news for those planning your Montana fly fishing trip for late July and August.  The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has just reported that this summer is in for a severe grasshopper infestation.  Charles Brown of the USDA stated that based on recent federal surveys many western states, including Montana, may see the most severe hopper outbreaks in the last 30 years.  See image.

The Yellowstone River runs through some of the prime ranch lands in Montana near Paradise Valley and toward the eastern plains.  The ranch land bordering the river is mostly hay fields where hoppers can grow prolifically in both size and numbers.  A perfect August hopper fishing day would include temperatures in the ’80s, a 10 to 15 mph downstream breeze and a sunny day.  The heat gets those hoppers moving and the breeze knocks them into the water, where trout eagerly wait for their afternoon meal.  Some of the best hopper fishing on the Yellowstone River occurs east of Livingston where the bigger Rainbow and Brown trout reside.

So while ranchers and farmers prepare for the massive infestation, fly fishers should rejoice and make sure to tie up some Chaos Hoppers and Chubby Chernobyl’s.  There’s only one catch you have to be in Montana this summer to fully appreciate it!

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