Caddis Watch 2010

Caddis Watch 2010

As many of you know (since we love talking about it!) we are getting close to our annual Mother’s Day Caddis hatch on the Yellowstone River.  We have seen some – I repeat some – caddis on the river.  In total, we’ve seen a few dozen adults over the past several days and plenty of pupa starting to drift and migrate.  So, we are getting close.

The recent warm weather has melted some of the lower snow and the Yellowstone has come and cooled off a bit.  The magic number for the full-blown hatch is when the water temperatures go upwards of 54 degrees.

So if we had to guess? Within the next week, we should start seeing some good caddis fishing.  So keep your thermometers handy and check the river temps often over the next several days – or you can just read our blog and we’ll let you know.

Remember we do have a great spring fly fishing rate from now until June so come on out and enjoy a Montana fly fishing trip this season!

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