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Yellowstone River Hatch Chart

The following Yellowstone River  hatch chart represents a sampling of the major hatches that occur on the Yellowstone River and many of the smaller tributaries in the upper Yellowstone River drainage.  Montana has a wide variety of rivers, streams and lakes. The Yellowstone River has some of the most prolific hatches in the western United States. As the longest free flowing (non-damed) river in the continental U.S. it has a wide variety of water. Anglers can expect extremely localized insect emergences even during the course of a day or several mile stretch of water. Also, as seasonal and weather conditions effect insect emergence the represented timeframes may vary slightly.

Yellowstone River Hatch Chart

While this Yellowstone River hatch chart represent the majority of major insect emergences on the Yellowstone River anglers should be prepared with a variety of sizes and patterns for the insects above. Also, a wide variety of attractor patterns are always a good option to have in your arsenal.

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Yellowstone River Mother’s Day Caddis Report – 05/04/12

Yellowstone River Mother’s Day Caddis Report 05-04-12

Mother’s Day Caddis are here (again). We had a spectacular day on the Yellowstone River between Emigrant and Mallards Rest.  The fishing was virtually nonexistent before 1 pm, but once the water temperature warmed up to that magic 50 degrees mark the Caddis came off in mass.

In the late afternoon, we lost count of the number of trout we landed but we estimated it at minimum 30.  Needless to say, it was spectacular.

Our best technique was a small Convertible with a BH soft hackle as the short dropper.

Today is a much colder day but this should only extend the hatch into next week – so take some days off work and get out there!

Hatch Update 05/04/11

YVR Boat Caddis 2006-053

Hatch Update 05/04/11

At 3PM today we saw a number of Mother’s Day Caddis on the Yellowstone River just below Carter’s Bridge.  While this looks like the begininning of the hatch it could progress quickly and go from zero to sixty in a hurry.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Mother’s Day Caddis hatch it’s one of the great hatches anywhere in the western United States.  These medium sized tannish/olive insects can hatch in such vast numbers that the river appears to have an orangish hugh.  One of our guides several years ago stated that, “if you had snowshoes you could walk across the river.”  Not too far of an exaggeration in our opinion – just look at the mats of adult caddis in the photo to the right.

If you get the opportunity the next few days could be very good fishing.  Stay tuned and we’ll keep you posted as we’ll be on the river the next several days.