Changing Montana Weather and Fishing Update

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It’s October with that doesn’t mean fishing is over for the season. Weather is more unpredictable bright and sunny one day, cold and rainy the next. This changing Montana weather often means we have to adapt our fishing tactics. The cool cloudy weather often means better dry fly fishing and good nymph and streamer fishing. Baetis and midges are common especially in the foam holes. Look for risers along the flats as well. Throw streamers and nymphs early and look for good dry fly action between noon and 4 pm.

Small nymphs and midge pupa have been best in sizes 16 thru 20; Griffiths Gnats and Buzz Balls size 16 – 20; brown and yellow streamers size 4 – 6.

Get out there, stay warm and enjoy it before the snow flies!

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