You Know You are in Livingston, Montana When…

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Here are just a few of our favorites…

  • You hear people say ‘crick’ instead of ‘creek’

  • You’re not surprised to wake up to several inches of snow in ANY month of the year
  • You leave your truck and house unlocked on a regular basis
  • You can’t find a parking spot near the bar because of all the trucks with drift boats behind them
  • No one is weirded out by firearms in a vehicle.  Furthermore, the only comments you hear are, “how do you like that scope?”
  • None of the locals are surprised to hear that another semi-truck blew over from the wind on the interstate
  • The entire town shuts down for the July 4th parade
  • You use your truck heater in the morning and air conditioner in the afternoon
  • People you don’t know pass you on the street and say, “hello”
  • In three weeks of straight fishing you’ve never fished the same piece of water twice

How do you know you’re in Livingston, Montana?

5 thoughts on “You Know You are in Livingston, Montana When…

  1. Not only do people leave their cars unlocked – they leave the keys in them! I don't think I will ever become that “Livingston”.

  2. I'm from Bozeman and you forgot to mention that most people have curtains in their truck but not their house-

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