Yellowstone River Report 05/04/10

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Yesterday was brutally windy throughout the entire state of Montana.  However, it’s just like Montana to have an exception, happened to be in the middle of Paradise Valley.  The wind was still blowing, but at a safe and reasonable level.    The streamer fishing has been very consistent, but yesterday was a bit slow.  Fortunately, at about 3pm the March Browns and Baetis showed up.  At 5pm the Mother’s Day Caddis started trickling off at a steady pace.  All in all fishing was pretty good and there was even some good dry fly fishing at times.

Best Technique:
The Dry/Dropper technique was most effective, however in the larger foam holes a shallow nymph rig (15-30 inches) with an nymph and emerger was best.

Weather & Water Conditions:
Mid-forties with variable West wind to about 15mph.  The water was flowing at 2,240 cfs and had been relatively stable for a few days.  The water color is a great caddis-y green.

Light Baetis, great March Browns and steady Mother’s Day Caddis hatch.  All starting around 1pm or 2 pm, caddis are starting later as it’s been cold – around 4pm.

Best Bugs:
Our best dry was a parachute March Brown sz 12, best emergers Cat Puke and P.T. Soft Hackle sz 14, best nymph Glass House Caddis sz 12.

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