Top 5 Bad Questions for Fishing Guides

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Over the years we’ve been exposed to some unique individuals, which have spawned some equally unique questions.  We thought we’d give you a heads up so your not the butt of the joke at end of the day around the guide keg.  Remember this is FUN so read it in a light-hearted manner.

Top 5 Things to NOT ask your fishing guide:

5.  Would you be catching fish today?
4.  I just got back from Alaska.  So how many 25+ inch trout am I going to catch today?
3.  Guide, “Set, SEt, SET!”  Client, “He never really ate it – did he?”
2.  End of the day on a float trip. “Oh, there’s your truck – did we just float in a big circle?”
      – also stated as “Oh, there’s your truck – is this where we put in?”

And the number one question we’ve learned has been asked to several fishing and raft guides.

1.  “At what age to the Elk turn into Deer?”

If you have some great questions you’ve heard over the years we’d love to post them here.